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Together, the Partners of Tate Grossman Kelly & Iaccarino, LLP (TGKI) have over one hundred years of legal and litigation experience ranging from simple civil cases to contract & settlement negotiations, as well as complex mass tort and multi-district litigation (MDL). TGKI Law Firm was created for the exclusive purpose of helping government municipalities, union health & pension funds, healthcare organizations, and other businesses recover damages caused by the pharmaceutical companies who are responsible for creating the modern-day epidemic known as the opioid crisis. Municipalities and other organizations have had to dedicate substantial resources to develop programs and train personnel, purchase overdose medication, pay overtime for first responders and other staff, and absorb unnecessary increases in medical/healthcare costs – not to mention the related losses of productivity. These expenditures, and the time spent by many to manage this crisis, means that resources for other important programs may have been cut or eliminated all together. A recent report by the Fiscal Policy Institute shows that Long Island suffered $8.2 billion in economic damages from the opioid crisis in 2017 alone, equating to 4.5% of the Island’s gross domestic product (GDP). As the report noted, there are “tangible, quantifiable fiscal impacts of the opioid crisis” and TGKI Law is dedicated to helping our clients recover their losses. With much litigation already pending and the big pharmaceutical companies (and their owners) running for cover and filing bankruptcy, we must act quickly before the ability to recover damages is lost or diminished.

Co-Founder and Lead Litigator of TGKI Law, Mark A. Tate of Tate Law Group in Savannah, has successfully litigated cases involving wrongful death, chemical explosions, medical malpractice, defective products, personal injury, pharmaceutical, asbestos, and other general business matters. On behalf of his clients, Mr. Tate earned damage awards in excess of $100 million in total. His background, experience, and judgment have earned him countless awards and national recognition.

Co-Founding Partners David Grossman, Dennis Kelly and Rick Iaccarino each bring additional important experience and relevant resources to the firm. The combined efforts of these partners with our other team members, will allow us to best represent our client’s interests. It also gives us the opportunity to provide you with a local office locations for more personal service. We have representatives with offices in Manhattan, Upstate New York and on Long Island, as well as in Savannah, Georgia, and Cleveland, Ohio.

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Our Philosophy

TGKI Law believes that local municipalities, labor unions and other organizations are not only entitled to, but legally bound by their fiduciary duty to file for damages, as a result of economic losses incurred due to the opioid crisis.

Our Principles

TGKI Law is strictly dedicated to helping affected organizations recoup losses of money and critical resources which were unnecessarily spent responding to the opioid-crisis created by “big pharma.”


TGKI Law is working feverishly to assist as many organizations as possible. With many cases already filed, we strongly encourage potential clients to act quickly or they may lose their opportunity for recovery.


The opioid epidemic, fueled and funded by big pharmaceuticals, has left a long trail of tragedy. Too many have paid the price personally. Far less tragic, but no less real, are the substantial economic losses incurred by local governments, union funds, healthcare organizations and businesses. Artificially inflated health insurance premiums, expenditures for program development, personnel training, medications and other crisis-related costs are just the beginning. Tate Grossman Kelly & Iaccarino, LLP, was formed to help municipalities and other organizations hold these pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors accountable for the economic damage they’ve caused.


To summarize quickly, there is multi-district litigation pending in an Ohio court which we believe is key for clients to join, in order recover the maximum amount of financial damages incurred as a result of the opioid crisis. However, the filing deadline is imminent and expected VERY shortly, so clients must file soon as possible before the deadline is upon us. Based on an earlier precedent-setting case decided in Oklahoma, the guilt of these pharmaceutical companies has already been established, basically leaving the only requirement for clients to fill is providing proof of damages incurred.

TGKI Law Firm, led by a highly experienced and successful lead litigator, is perfectly positioned to help our clients take advantage of this important opportunity. We have the resources necessary to bring these cases to a successful conclusion, allowing us to accept cases on a contingency basis, meaning there are NO up-front costs required. Our clients can file with NO RISK. TGKI Law is only entitled to compensation if we successfully recover damages on our clients’ behalf. And, TGKI has opted to reduce our contingency fee to 25% for all new cases, as opposed to the customary 33% charged by most firms. Don’t delay. Call TGKI toll free with any questions you may have at: 631.352.0146 or file online now at: www.tgkilaw.com